Detroit native artistically serving Southwest community
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Published on September 8th, 2011
It is no surprise that Jessica Hernandez has made a successful career in music and in business. She's a young talented member of a new generation of the Hernandez family, who are highly recognized within the Hispanic community for their different businesses and continuous involvement in the development of the Southwest Detroit community. 

Hernandez began writing songs over three years ago while living between Chicago and Kansas City.  Upon returning to Detroit, she formed the band that would later become The Deltas to back her for one hastily arranged performance. 

From that came the ever-evolving 6-13 piece group, which now backs Hernadez, and gives her music a rich, layered character.  Influenced byTom Waits, Man Man, and her parents' Cure and Smiths records, Hernandez's end product is something totally unique and hers alone.

Hernandez and her band play frequently in a loft above her parents' bakery in Mexicantown in Southwest Detroit.  The space has become a center for shows, involving both the Deltas and other bands, both local and national, and also serves as a locus for Detroit SOUP,co- founded by Jessica Hernandez and her friend Kate Daughdrill in 2010.

Detroit SOUP a monthly dinner funding micro-grants to support creative projects in Detroit, has received national and local media attention.  SOUP has now expanded to host at least 150 people each dinner, and the grants range from $600-$800. The project directed by Amy Kaheral, and sustained by Hernandez and volunteers in the community

 All of these endeavors are part of an artistic impulse that, while not the usual "Detroit" vibe, is about and of the city Hernandez comes from.

Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas have quickly  became a Detroit standout, with a dark, swampy sound evocative of America in all its sad, beautiful and frightening glory.  The songs on the band's debut EP "Weird Looking Woman In Too Many Clothes" are a tribute to all things contradictory, with sinister lyrics married to warm melodies and sultry vocals.  The band has already played large scale events such as SXSW and Bonnaroo, and CMJ.

Jessica also founded The Bakery Loft in 2010, making the space a community hub to house a variety of events. Aside from being home to Detroit SOUP, it is primarily a musical venue, and also hosts various community activities, including yoga, dancing, poetry reading, art and shows.