April 20, 2014

Polish Times - CZAS POLSKI

A Polish-English bilingual print newspaper and web-magazine. We specialize in news, culture, sports and entertainment information vital to the Polonia audience. We feature both European and local items of interest to the immigrant and second and third generartion population. Calendar items from around the Great Lakes region are prioritized.

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Detroit and Hawaii Connections Pay-Off With Hollywood Dividends

Wayne State University and Film Tech-Fair and Film Festivals Have International Flavor

Detroit Connections Helps Movie Connect to the World

Writer and Director Brian Kohne has developed some new merchandising techniques to showcase his movie in Detroit and in International Markets.

Film director Brian Kohne talked with "Polish Times - CZAS POLSKI" about new revenue avenues after conventional cinema distribution in Poland. He also talked about some applications that are easily transferred to Germany and the Ukraine.

Kohne was in Detroit for the Detroit-Windsor International Film Festival on the campus of Wayne State University. His zany comedy with the impressive soundtrack took top comedic honors.

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